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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 30, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> students gone wild. fights like this one keep breaking out at one bay area high school because of a vicious rivalry. tonight, the principal is taking action. >> christin ayers is at berkeley high school tonight. christin? >> reporter: yeah, and guys, this is a pattern we keep on seeing. tensions from rival schools bubbling over into all-out brawls. the police were able to stop it today before it started. moments after school let out, police swarmed the campus.
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they were here to prevent this from happening again. a massive brawl between berkeley high students last spring that fanned out from campus to downtown berkeley. students say it has become a cycle. the most recent brawl broke out three weeks ago. >> there are little flare-ups definitely. i think it is also definitely worsened by social media because the word gets out and there is more of a buzz. >> reporter: this time, administrators caught wind of the buzz. a fight planned today after some berkeley high students clashed with mcclymens high students in oakland for the second time in weeks. >> we have had some credible reports of possible violent situations that might happen around the campus either around lunchtime or the end of the day. >> reporter: the fight never happened but at lunchtime, berkeley police reportedly detained two teenagers who came here for a fight and arrested an oakland man with a replica
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gun. students were relieved the beefed up security stopped another fight. but ... >> it will not always work. >> reporter: i asked school officials what it will take to stop the fights. they say they will keep working closely with the berkeley police and administrators all- star the rival schools. christin ayers, kpix5. in menlo park tonight, a home invasion suspect managed to give police the slip. they caught two accomplices after a chase that ended in a business park near the facebook campus. devin fehely walks us through what led up to all of this. >> reporter: this all began earlier this evening with a report of a home invasion and subsequent high-speed chase in the city of fremont. officers with the fremont and newark police departments were shot at by three suspects in the car they were pursuing. police say the suspect then ditched the car and tried to escape on foot. they quickly caught up with two of the suspects and are looking for a third. in menlo park, devin fehely,
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kpix5. and police found two guns the suspects dropped at the business park. tonight, extra police are patrolling the popular aroyo trail in livermore after a man attacked a woman sending her to the hospital. andria borba is at the trail now. >> reporter: well liz, this was a brazen attack. not only did it happen in broad daylight when there were people around who could have seen what went down, it happened along the aroyo creek with homes up against it the whole way. tonight, you would be hard pressed to find anyone walking alone on the trail. yesterday, around 6:00 p.m., while the sun wiz still up, livermore officers responded to a 29-year-old woman who while walking alone was grabbed from behind by a suspect and sexually assaulted on the trail. >> i was just driving home from work and i saw the police tape and i knew something happened. >> reporter: it is the fourth assault since 2012 on the
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trail. the livermore detectives don't know if the us dents are connected. >> it makes me want to get a concealed permit. >> reporter: the trail is leafy and concealed from the view of most roads. >> i would really like to see police patrolling the trail. >> reporter: livermore pd says they do patrol the trail but can't be here all the time. >> i may not walk the trail for a while. >> i don't walk on purpose on the trail because it is not safe. >> reporter: now it is believed the attack happened underneath the bridge i'm standing on right now. livermore police were out here today collecting evidence trying to figure out who may have done this and hoping the evidence leads them to their suspect. live in livermore, andria borba, kpix5. this was a bizarre scene in san bernadino county. a bloody man chased after three women and a young girl inside the city hall. it all caught on a cell phone
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camera. take a look. [ unintelligible ] >> don't touch me! >> this guy is acting crazy. he yells at the people to call the cops. then he runs toward them with bloody hands. the sheriff's office says he ended up hitting one of the women and try today take her granddaughter. they were able to fend him off until the deputies arrived. it is unclear if he was on drugs or drunk. he is due in court tomorrow morning. the streets of baltimore are mostly empty tonight. the second night of a city wide curfew. protesters didn't go quietly. this brawl broke out in the streets shortly before the curfew started but the crowd quickly dispersed leaving hundreds of police officers with little to do. 2,000 national guards men are patrolling the streets tonight
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to prevent a repeat of monday's riots. the orioles took on the white sox in baltimore today. for the first time in major league baseball history, no fans were allowed inside for safety reasons. cbs reporter chip reed was there. >> and the pitch is in there for a strike. and the history making ball game is now officially in the books as having begun. >> reporter: in an empty orioles park in baltimore today, the crack of a bat echoed like a controlled explosion. but the roar of the crowd, a few dozen people outside the stadium, sounded more like the roar of a mouse. there were no kids to chase the foul balls. oriole caleb joseph graciously offered his autograph and bowed to the fans. he says he was thankful to the
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die-hards who watched and cheered from the fence. it may be more important for baltimore that the team won. when a city is going through trials and tribulations, a winning team can help lift people up, chip reed, cbs news, baltimore. at cal tonight, a big show of support for the victims of the nepal earthquake. hundreds of students gathered for a candle light vigil. the nepalese student association collected donations for emergency infrastructure repairs. five days after saturday's 7.8 quake, the death toll has topped 5500 people. more than 11,000 have been injured and the u.n. estimates that 2.8 million people lost their homes. tonight, we are getting a startling new look at how violent the shaking was. watch the right side of the screen. surveillance video captures a building collapsing on top of
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people. yeah. nearly crushed a man in a cart. it missed him by a my millimeters. one small happy ending. that small circle is where a baby was trapped. a four month old baby boy was pulled from the rubble 22 hours after the earthquake. at first, soldiers deny think he had survived so they didn't try to free him. they thought he was dead. then they heard him crying. the local newspaper photographed the rescue. we are told the baby is in stable condition tonight. a terrifying ten minutes for a san francisco family when the dad got out of the car in the tenderloin, a man jumped behind the wheel and drove off with a baby in the backseat. a short time later, police officers spotted the car near the hall of justice and pulled it over. the baby was safe in the backseat. we spoke with the mom. >> i'm very relieved to reunite with my baby. before i could find the baby, i was worried. she is so little. i didn't know what was going toe happen to her.
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>> reporter: police arrested this man. witnesses say he put up quite a fight before officers could finally cuff him. tonight, the niners caved. the team has backed down from its plan to take over the soccer fields next to levi stadium. they wanted to buy the santa clara youth soccer field for $15 million. and use it for parking. it is 11 acres of prime real estate right next to the stadium. well, city council members say the team undervalued the land. it is worth much more than that. a deal that primarily benefited them and no one else. >> i was not going toe give away the property at the fraction of the value and i was not going to evict the soccer community from their soccer park without a relocation plan paid for by the 49ers. >> the 49ers tried to frame this as a setback rather than a absolute defeat. their initial proposal was meant to start a conversation and was not meant to be the final word on the matter. so, should silicon valley
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get its own welcome sign? like the one in hollywood? tonight, a student at deanza college says yes. he has posted a bunch of renderings online along with an hope letter asking neighbors what if? he envisions the sign about 200 feet in length with each letter about 45 feet tall. it would be made with sustainable materials, possibly led lighting. ideally in san jose or milpitas or fremont. we have heard so much about the apple watch. how cool it is, how revolutionary it is. but tonight, there is a problem. betty yu shows us the problem is literally skin deep. >> reporter: it looks like the apple watch isn't playing nice with techies with tattoos. one youtubeer posted this video showing the difference between his left and right wrist. reddit users complained that the screen would lock up as if
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they weren't wearing it. turns out tattoo ink can interfere with the heart rate sensor. >> when you pay this much, you expect it to work a lot better. >> reporter: the heart monitor recognizes that you are alive and you need it to use apple pay, make calls and receive messages. michael is waiting for his watch to arrive. >> this is first generation 1.0. there will always be a few glitches along the way but they have a history of doing things right. >> reporter: if you have tattoo sleeves and you are thinking of getting an apple watch, you should probably test it out in the store because results can vary depending on the color and shade of the tattoo. the watch uses led lights to detect the amount of blood flowing through your wrist. it works better light tattoos tattoos than dark ones. betty yu, kpix5. >> some customers have also
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complained about skin irritations as well. there is talk tonight of a big tech takeover. sales force could be up for sale. bloomberg news is reporting the san francisco company is working with some financial advisers after "being approached by a potential acquirer." no word on who the prospective buyer may be, but big names like microsoft are floating around. once the news broke, you could see what happened to sale force stock. it soared ending the day up almost 12%. major money trouble for bart tonight. according to a new state audit, bart needs a $9.6 billion overhaul of its tracks and trains just to keep running. >> we need to replace the entire guts of our system. it is not sexy stuff. we are talking structures, our communication system, our train control system. >> now bart only has about half that money. one plan is to ask bay area
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voters to approve a possible $4.8 billion bond that would be paid back through property taxes. kpix5 political insider phil matier says that would be quite a gamble. hillary clinton is about to get company on her side of the presidential race. senator bernie sanders of vermont says he plans to run as a democrat. he calls himself a democratic socialist. his top priorities include raising taxes on the wealthy, and free college education. the 73-year-old will make a formal announcer tomorrow. japan's prime minister addressed joint congress today. the big question was, would he apologize for japan's actions in world war ii? the answer no. but he did offer remorse for the american lives lost during the war and added history is harsh. what is done cannot be undone.
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but tonight, historians are accusing the prime minister of trying to do just that. undo history. betty yu on the subject japan doesn't want u.s. students to learn about. >> reporter: 70 years have gone by since japan's brutal occupation of china and korea. its surprise attack at pearl harbor. and the rain of ruin. u.s. atomic bombs dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki. now, on the 70th anniversary of world war two, this should have been settled. but there is one problem. this history book. the japanese prime minister wants part of japan's dark history erased and rewritten. >> i think what he is doing is wrong, stupid, and it is going to fail. >> reporter: abe has demanded
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mcgraw hill education edit out two paragraphs on comfort women or wartime sex slaves. they recruited as many as 300,000 women aged 14 to 20 to serve in military brothels. the comfort women served up to 30 men each day. at the end of the war, sol injures massacred large numbers of them to cover up the operation. now, it is abe who is trying to cover up the country's ugly past. >> the horse has left the barn, you know. there is no way that the abe government can change the way history happened and there are too many witnesses. too many people who know. >> i was becoming so sick of all the beatings. >> reporter: including comfort woman li jung su. she was kidnapped at 16.
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she flew to america ahead of abe's visit. she wants an apology. >> they are arguing the comfort women wering willing profiteers. and that is just so disrespectful and cowardly. there are only 53 survivors left. >> reporter: this week, koreans and chinese people in the bay area will watch what he says. >> the japanese government has denied this history so long. it seems ridiculous that he would attempt to try and do the same thing again. it seems like at this point, who are you fooling? >> reporter: tomorrow, the prime minister will visit san francisco and make stops in silicon valley including a speech at stanford. protesters plan to meet him along the way to remind him 70 years later japan needs to own up to and face the truth. in san francisco, betty yu, kpix5. >> the pubbisher of the book said it would not make any
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changes to the passages about comfort women. tonight, the governor is launching the most aggressive attack on greenhouse gases in north america. he signed an executive order to cut emissions by 40% compared to 1990 levels by the year 2030. >> this will require a significant reduction in carbon emissions. it is going to require creative responses on the part of industry, agriculture, government, local, state. all of that. >> you need only look out over the bay to see how bad our air can be. this is time lapsed video from earlier this evening. it looks more like la than oakland. turns out, we can blame some of the bad air on the drought. tonight, mark kelly on pollution and pollen making it miserable for many. terry looks forward to her walks but she has to come
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locked and loaded. >> keep tissues on you all the time? >> all the time. >> reporter: ivy isn't alone. it get to judith's dog as well. >> runny eyes and nose all the time. >> reporter: allergist dr. joshua jacobs is seeing patients with severe eye and nose allergies and asthma. >> previous years, we had rain giving patients some relief but this year, it seems to be a nonstop onslaught. >> reporter: doc says to run in the morning when there is less pollen and wear sunglasses to block it getting in your eyes. >> all this can decrease the degree of symptoms. >> reporter: if you are not fighting pollen, there is still air pollution. the bay area is sixth worst in the entire country for particle air pollution. and the culprit is your car. >> these types of particles are worsening asthma and intensifying the allergic response. >> reporter: the numbers show the bay area has come a long
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way tackling air pollution. but mother nature and this drought are forcing us to fight even harder. >> i wish it would rain. that would be good for everybody. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpix5. >> we have all been sneezing and coughing a little bit. >> a little fog helps right? >> fog, a breeze, there are many things that could help us and none of them will be happening over the next 48 hours. just take the claireton if you haven't yet. not much of a breeze to blow around the next couple of days. it will get toasty as well. embarcadero lit up in warriors customers. our weather watchers reporting in a clear mild evening. bill moon, 64 degrees right now with no hint of on shore flow. in vallejo, mike reporting in 62 degrees with mainly clear
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skies. weather watchers saying it is mild outside. redwood city, 51. lit be 10 to 20 degrees warmer tomorrow compared to today. simply put, the wind direction is changing. san leandro, hour by hour by lunchtime, up to 71. 3:00, 78 topping out at 80 degrees. a ring of high pressure. when it is directly over the bay area, it eliminates the ocean influence. big ocean, a lot of cold air, but it is not moving in inland. we don't feel it and the warmest days will be tomorrow and friday. for many of you, the warmest day we have seen this calendar year. then a low pressure area moves in for the weekend. this is for you. it kicks up the on shore flow. it will be cooler, cloudier, but still, no rainfall. we are clear and mild tonight. pretty warm tomorrow. but the cooling trend will kick in after two days. by the weekend, temperatures are headed back to normal. by tomorrow, 15 degrees above average for concord and san
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jose. 88 degrees. we will lit 90 in los gatos. fremont, 85. san mateo, 85. san ramon, 87. antioch, 90. vallejo, 85. 76, sunny in san francisco. santa rosa, 86. clear lake, 87. it will be kind of warm tomorrow. warmer still on friday. we begin the cool-down saturday. sunday into next week, we are still dry but we have the breeze, the morning cloud cover. it will not be as warm. the warm stuff two days drying out for the weekend. >> thank you paul. coming up, a deadly shark attack at a popular
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>> it doesn't happen a lot, but it does happen. a deadly shark attack in maui. >> it mauled a 65-year-old woman snorkeling. she suffered bite wounds to her upper torso and when rescuers
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finally reached her. >> they started resuscitative efforts, cpr, waited for the medics and continued that upon the arrival. but, she succombed to her injuries. all right, warriors, all the walk, all the rage right now. they have had a nice couple of days of rest. >> steve kerr said he was going down to san lucas. he better get back. they have an opponent. and can the giants make it five out of six
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>> dodgers came into tonight's game against the giants leading the league in home ones with 28. not good news for ryan vogelsong who specializes in giving home runs. rough inning for vogelsong. three batters later, adrian gonzalez goes deep. two batters later, andre ethier. three home runs. then in the third, jimmy rollins gets in on the fun. a solo shot. vogelsong allows four home runs an six runs in three innings. la, 7-3. mike trout should have been the kpix5 catch of the day.
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get it elizabeth? top of the third, angels leading 2-0. trout, that is a huge home run. that is what that was. oakland rallies in the sixth. down 3-2. josh reddick is swinging a hot bat. that is a base hit. we have a tied ball game. angels back in front. 4-3, with the bases loaded. the catch of the day again. mike trout. two runs score. trout was two for thee with three r.b.i. angels win 6-3. oakland has lost five of six. the orioles and white sox playing in front of no fans in baltimore. bottom of the first. fans going crazy. baltimore would win 8-2 in the first game in major league history with an attendance of zero. whoever wrote that didn't attend giants games in the 1970s. for the first time since 2009, top golfers in the world return to hardy park for a day at match play.
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if you can't tell, ian lost his first match. ben martin was tied on the par three 17. then 230 yards out, this is no cheapy. they don't have a 230-yard par three in the channel 5 golf tournament. jordan spieth on 16. set up for a bird. second ranked player in the world on that hole. rory mcilroy easily defeated jason dufner. memphis point guard mike conley watching from the seats after suffering facial fracturing. jeff green thought art the three. they win. and they win the series four game to one. this means they will play the warriors starting sunday afternoon in oracle. remember the guy mike conley?
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